Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Borealis Philanthropy works as a partner to philanthropy, helping grantmakers expand their reach and impact.

Our Vision

As a philanthropic intermediary, Borealis helps connect grantmakers to organizations that meet their mission. We provide a high level of service to our funders and grantees by conducting our work in a manner that is collaborative, transparent, and accountable. We respond promptly to the needs and interests of our partners by staying abreast of changing policy and social landscapes. We educate grantmakers and non-profits organizations on the important role intermediaries play in the philanthropic sector, and endeavor to share our knowledge with the broader field. In carrying out this vision, we ultimately hope to change the way philanthropy works.

Our Values

Borealis Philanthropy is guided by the following set of principles:

  • Responsiveness: We proactively monitor the rapidly changing nature of the work we fund and allocate resources accordingly.
  • Transparency: We make information about our services and our knowledge publicly available and accessible to philanthropy.
  • Complexity: We recognize the complexity of issues and support organizations working at the intersections of a wide variety of societal challenges.
  • Philanthropic advocacy: We seek to educate non-profits and grantmakers on the critical role that intermediaries play within philanthropy.
  • Expertise: We bring a deep level of knowledge and experience in grantmaking and the respective fields in which we fund.
  • Diversity: Our staff and board demonstrate the lived experiences we fund.