Borealis Philanthropy is excited to announce the Fund for Trans Generations (FTG) first round of renewal grants to 42 organizations across the United States, totaling $658,500.

Launched in 2016, the FTG works in solidarity with activists and organizations for a future where trans and gender non-conforming people live with freedom, safety, self-determination, and participation in public and social institutions, and are recognized, valued and supported by families, communities and society.

After receiving one year of FTG general operating support funding, many grantees were able to secure office or community space, launch new programs, run their first campaign, hire staff, and strengthen their organizational infrastructure, for example through strategic planning processes and retreats.

Renewal funding will support these groups in continuing their powerful work and taking it to the next level. Grantees are excited to continue to build out programs, staff roles, organizational infrastructure, campaigns, and engage volunteers, members, and leaders in key program activities. A number of groups also anticipate being able to hold important strategy meetings, planning retreats, and community gatherings with the grant support from FTG.

“During our first year as a grantee of FTG, we were able to secure a community space on the South Side of Chicago, which is the only one of its kind by and for trans people,” said LaSaia Wade, the founder of Brave Space Alliance. “This renewal grant will support us in launching new programs like the Trans Liberation Collective, Trans Pride, and Interfaith Symposium, and it will also help us conduct a needs assessment survey of community. This renewal grant will allow us to build on our momentum from last year and win even greater victories for our community.”

This year, grantees’ top priorities include health, criminalization, education, healing justice, and anti-violence. In addition, many grantees will be focusing on reproductive health and justice, as well as sexual health and prevention, including HIV/AIDS. During its second year of grantmaking, the FTG has also increased support for Southern based organizations.

FTG’s first round of grantmaking helped set up grantees for significant budget growth as well. The median budget growth between 2017-2018 for these organizations is $32,270.

“We are just beginning to witness what becomes possible when trans leaders finally receive the support, solidarity and space they so fundamentally deserve from philanthropy, but have been denied for so long,” said Pamela Shifman, executive director of the NoVo Foundation. “Inspired by the work of FTG partners, we hope that more funders will join in providing sustained, multi-year support to trans and gender non-conforming communities as a direct pathway to lasting and transformative change.”

During this grantmaking cycle, FTG also made one first time grant to Liberatory Motion.

The FTG is a grantmaking initiative of Anonymous Donors, Arcus Foundation, and NoVo Foundation. For more information about the FTG, please visit the Fund’s page on the Borealis website. The FTG also houses a “Rapid Response” fund for groups responding to unanticipated events and strategic opportunities. Download the FTG Rapid Response FAQ for details.

Curious about the next grantmaking cycle? We’ll be announcing more about grant opportunities in the Fall 2018. Be on the lookout.

Please see below for a list of FTG renewal grantees: