Communities Transforming Policing Fund

Colorado Freedom Fund

Colorado Freedom Fund posts bonds for folks who cannot afford bail—no strings attached. We reduce harm to people impacted by bail & work to end money bail.

Black Phoenix Organizing Collective

The Black Phoenix Organizing Collective builds black power in Phoenix.  BPOC organizes young, radical, queer, poor families, formerly incarcerated, non-binary black folx, directly impacted by unjust systems.  BPOC organizes through culture and believes in liberation for all black people.

Justice Committee

The Justice Committee (JC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to building a movement against police violence and systemic racism in New York City and empowering low-income Latino/as and other people of color to address these issues. Recognizing that true power

Chicago Torture Justice Center

The Chicago Torture Justice Center seeks to address the traumas of police violence and institutionalized racism through access to healing and wellness services, trauma-informed resources, and community connection. The Center is a part of and supports a movement to end


PrYSM organizes at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation by centering youth, female, queer, and people of color leadership in our campaigns, our organization, and our communities. PrYSM mobilizes queer Southeast Asian youth, families, and allies to