Detroit Future Youth

DF Youth aims to strengthen and deepen youth social justice organizing in Detroit by partnering with youth programs that focus on social justice based education and multimedia creation, who are using digital media to transform ourselves and our communities. Our

Red Gate Media

Red Gate Media is a grassroots media organization dedicated to storytelling and shifting narratives that highlight the importance of queer and trans people of color making a viable impact in our communities. Red Gate Media want to flip the narrative

Liberatory Motion

Liberatory Motion is a trans-led and trans-visioned project with the mission of holding collective space for intersectional transformation that centers the experiences and wisdom of trans and gender non-conforming lives toward our collective liberation and power.

Liberatory Motion is a

Fuerza y Unión Múltiple

Fuerza y Unión Múltiple (FUM)’s work deals with education, activism and resource sharing, in order to improve the local Henderson community for both the short and long term. FUM seeks to connect with and learn more about their neighbors and

Garden of Peace Project

Garden of Peace Project (GPP) was created to uplift, uphold, and empower the narratives and lived experiences of queer and/or trans folks of color. GPP has worked to center and focus healing in the lives of queer and/or trans people

Organización Latina de Trans en Texas

The mission of OLTT is to defend, protect and ensure equal rights for trans people in Texas; to create and maintain a physical space where trans folks are able to educate themselves and analyze legal situations; and to have basic

Afrikan Black Coalition

The Afrikan Black Coalition’s mission is the liberation of all Afrikan People through cultivating Black consciousness, building community leadership, and transforming the quality of Black lives.

Movement for Black Lives

The Movement for Black Lives includes a number of organizations, individuals and networks focused on a hopeful and inclusive vision of Black joy, safety and prosperity. That means freedom from violence and economic inequality, as well as the freedom to

Freedom Cities

Freedom Cities demand that our communities have the resources they need to thrive. It’s about making entire cities, towns, and communities safe for immigrants, Black people, Muslims, workers and all oppressed communities. We believe we all deserve to live with