Immigration Litigation Fund


The Immigration Litigation Fund (ILF) is a national funder collaborative whose goal is to ensure that the nation’s immigration enforcement system is fair, humane, and prioritizes the civil and human rights of those vulnerable to deportation. ILF believes that litigation is an essential tool in achieving public policy and social change on immigration issues. The Fund’s grantmaking prioritizes litigation efforts that are connected to, and coordinated with, immigrant communities and organizations.

The fund supports impact litigation efforts that challenge discriminatory, unlawful, and overly punitive immigration enforcement policies and practices at any stage of the enforcement trajectory from identification and apprehension, to detention and removal, as well as efforts to exclude certain immigrants from entering the country.

The ILF is a collaborative effort of the Ford Foundation, JPB Foundation, NoVo Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Reis Foundation, and Anonymous Donors.


The ILF provides time-limited, project support for:

  • Impact litigation costs
  • Strategic convenings meant to advance coordination on an issue related to enforcement and impact litigation efforts.

Public interest legal groups, advocates, and community-based organizations may apply, if they are engaged in:

  • Impact litigation
  • Advocacy and organizing connected to impact litigation
  • Communications efforts connected to impact litigation.

Please download the ILF Funding Priorities to learn more about the issues and work the fund supports.


The ILF will be accepting applications July 9 – December 1, 2018.  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis meaning applications can be submitted any time prior to December 1, 2018.

Before submitting an application, please contact ILF staff to schedule a call to discuss your project and carefully review the ILF Funding Priorities and ILF FAQ. ILF staff can be reached at:

Organizations who are encouraged to apply for funding,  after a call with ILF staff, can submit an application through our grant portal.


Borealis anticipates that the entire grant process will take 30 days or less from the time of submission of a complete application form and accompanying documents that meet ILF grantmaking priorities. However, grantmaking decisions may take longer than 30 days depending on the urgency of a particular funding need or issue.


If you are a foundation or a donor interested in learning about how you can make a contribution to the ILF or become a partner in the fund, please fill out this contact form and our team will get back to you.