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Borderless Magazine logo. White background with capital B letter in black.

Borderless Magazine

Borderless Magazine is a nonprofit news outlet that is reimagining immigration journalism for a more just and equitable future. Founded by three award-winning Chicago journalists in 2017, Borderless is driven by an urgent desire to create space in the immigration . . . Read More »

Buffalo's fire logo. White circle with black border. An image of a red and orange wood fire graphic in the center of the circle. The text "Buffalo's fire" in red, capital letters above the fire.

Buffalo’s Fire

The publishing arm of the Indigenous Media Freedom Alliance (IMFA), Buffalo’s Fire provides quality video news to tribal communities in the Northern Great Plains. It seeks to fill information gaps for American Indians, particularly those living in rural areas. . . . Read More »

Documented logo. Black background. Little white circle with the imprint of a finger print in the middle left. The word "documented" in white, capital letters right after the white circle.


Documented is a nonprofit newsroom dedicated to covering New York City’s immigrants and the policies that affect their lives. It details how shifts in immigration policy are playing out locally, on issues such as immigration enforcement, labor and city and . . . Read More »

El Informador logo. Blue background, capital letters "EI" in white block letters.

El Informador

Based in Charleston, SC, El Informador is the largest Spanish newspaper serving the Charleston Metro and Hilton Head Island, reaching the fastest growing Latino market in the state’s Lowcountry region. Working together with the local Latino community, it provides local, . . . Read More »

El Tecolote logo. White background with red text that reads "EL TECOLOTE". Underneath text is a black owl's head, eyes, and wings spread.

El Tecolote

El Tecolote is a community journalist effort, a training ground for journalism, and plays an important role in the San Francisco Bay Area by covering issues often ignored by the mainstream press. It is a biweekly publication with a circulation . . . Read More »

Flint beat logo. White background. "Flint" in lowercase green letters above "beat" in black. To the right are four vertical green dash lines of different lengths to represent sound beats.

Flint Beat

Flint Beat was launched in 2017 to fill news gaps in an underserved community after Flint, Mich. residents said they needed more from their news coverage during the city’s water crisis. Flint Beat covers everything Flint including local news, politics, . . . Read More »

La Noticia logo. White background. "La Notice" letters in big, blue letters with a red underline underneath. Smaller text in blue that reads "The Spanish-Language Newspaper" with a smaller red line after it.

La Noticia

La Noticia is a Spanish-language news organization that serves 300,000 Latinos in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Raleigh. Its mission is to deliver high quality news and information that helps Latinos in the North Carolina region be productive members of society. . . . Read More »

MLK50: Justice Through Journalism logo. Multicolored background, illustrations of brown and black people in colorful shirts and jackets. Text reads "MLK 50: Justice Through Journalism" and underneath in smaller white text reads "On poverty, power, and public policy."

MLK50: Justice Through Journalism

Founded in 2017 in advance of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., MLK50 centers narratives that reflect the demographics of Memphis, which is 65% Black. MLK50 also focuses on those who live on the . . . Read More »

Pulso logo. White background with black text that reads" PULSO" in capital letters. To the left is an image of a thick red bracket, and a thinner blue one behind it.


Pulso is a digital media news, culture and entertainment social enterprise by Latinos, for Latinos, dedicated to keeping the pulse on nuestra gente. . . . Read More »

PushBlack logo. Light grey background. Text reads" Pushblack." The "Push" text in yellow, and "Black" in black.


PushBlack is the largest non-profit news and media platform for Black-Americans. It has trusted relationships with its community and encourages Black people to take action in civically shaping the kinds of communities they want to live in.

  . . . Read More »

QCItyMetro logo. Black background with a large, yellow Q in the middle. In the center of the Q is text that reads "city" in white letters.


Qcitymetro exists to serve the needs of Black Charlotte, NC. Its mission is to provide this audience with the news and information it needs to thrive as a community of informed residents, voters, consumers and leaders. . . . Read More »

Sahan Journal logo. Black background that reads "SAHAN" in white letters and "JOURNAL" in red letters.

Sahan Journal

Sahan Journal seeks to provide fair, groundbreaking news coverage that illuminates issues affecting Minnesota’s immigrants and refugees and to chronicle how these communities are changing and redefining what it means to be a Minnesotan.

  . . . Read More »

The Atlanta Voice logo. White back ground, "The Atlanta" in black text, "Voice" in larger text below in red.

The Atlanta Voice

The Atlanta Voice is the largest audited African American community newspaper in Georgia with over 600 distribution locations throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, with digital distribution, email, social and mobile apps. . . . Read More »

Amsterdam News logo. Red background. White text reads "Amsterdam News" in white letters. Smaller text above reads "New York" in white letters.

The New York Amsterdam News

The New York Amsterdam News was one of the first unionized Black newspapers in the country. Its mission is to be the voice of the often voiceless and to magnify issues that most deeply impact communities of color in New . . . Read More »

The TRiiBE logo. Black background, with the text that reads "The TRIBE" in white, block letters.

The TRiiBE

The TRiiBE is a digital publication and production company whose mission is to reshape the narrative of Black Chicago and to give ownership back to the people. The TRiiBE is a producer and curator of original content about issues, experiences . . . Read More »

WURD Radio logo. Black background with white text that reads" WURD. The "U"s negative space depicts a microphone, the "R" negative space as image of a person's side profile, and the "D"s center is of a building. Smaller text text beneath reads 96.1 FM 900AM and Black. Talk. Media.

WURD Radio

WURD Radio is the only African-American owned and operated commercial talk radio station in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Started in 2002, WURD has evolved into a multimedia, multi-platform communications company that reaches deeply into the Black community through radio, events, . . . Read More »

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