Racial Equity to Accelerate Change Fund


Western States Center

Western States Center’s mission is to connect and build the power of community organizations; to challenge and transform individuals, organizations and systems to achieve racial, gender and economic justice. . . . Read More »

OpenSource Leadership Strategies

OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Inc. addresses the leadership and organization development needs of nonprofits and other social change agents across the nation and globe who want to be the change they seek in the world. OpenSource works with Client Partners to . . . Read More »

Change Elemental

At Change Elemental, we see the growing complexity of today’s problems as a call to combine our energy and wisdom in ways that will catalyze lasting, transformative change, and uproot long-standing challenges to love, dignity, and justice. . . . Read More »

Center for Urban and Racial Equity, LLC

The Center for Urban and Racial Equity partners with people and organizations to advance equity through policy, systems, institutional, community and societal change. We do this through research and analysis, strategic planning and consulting, and training and educational strategies that . . . Read More »

Authentic Seeds

Authentic Seeds’ mission is to provide and create spaces in relationships, conversations, communities for all people to feel seen and appreciated for their authentic selves. They believe that educating and working toward equity, as well as creating spaces of justice . . . Read More »

Bari Katz Inc.

Bari Katz partners with non-profit organizations, schools, and grantmaking institutions. She works towards social justice and creating spaces where people feel seen, valued, and heard.

Bari Katz, Inc. is partnering with Authentic Seeds. . . . Read More »

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