The Transforming Movements Fund (TMF) is excited to announce the fund’s latest grants. In January, the Fund awarded $870,000 in general operating, organizational development, and leadership development support to eight organizations across the country.

During this rapidly changing political moment, grantees will use support from TMF to innovate, adapt, and build a leaderful moment to take on emerging challenges and win victories that leave no one behind.

“We are looking forward to expanding our Promotoras Program, a project to build the leadership of undocumented young people in California,” said Sandy Valenciano, Statewide Director of California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance (CIYJA). “We especially need to engage people in rural areas, including the Central Valley and Central Coast, in order to build community during a time of fear. Growing the base of young, undocumented folks who are fired up to fight for themselves and their communities is a critical way for us to win power.”

Several TMF grantees are also continuing their work on narrative change strategies and creating original content to challenge mainstream culture to embrace intersectional organizing.

For example, Blackbird is working with partners to produce a docuseries about the everyday people and organizers behind the powerful social movements that define the nation as a critical election approaches.

Organizing that addresses people’s multiple identities (such as race, gender, class, sexuality, and ability), remains a core priority of TMF grantees. Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM), for example, is engaging queer and trans youth of color in campaigns for housing justice and is working in partnership with other organizations to establish housing cooperatives to meet the needs of community members.

“TMF grantees are leading visionary campaigns that make connections between issues that have been siloed for too long, like healthcare, immigrant rights, and reproductive justice,” said Paulina Helm-Hernandez, Program Officer at Foundation for a Just Society. “It is a critical moment for funders to offer necessary support for these organizations to build infrastructure that will sustain them as they navigate increasingly complicated political terrain.”

As grantees pursue long-term wins, they are also responding to ongoing threats in their communities by engaging in deportation defense work, supporting families who are separated because of deportations, and addressing state and police violence.

The TMF supports organizing led by young, LGBTQ people who are working across issues and building inclusive movements that embrace people’s multiple identities. The TMF is a collaborative effort of the Arcus Foundation, Cricket Island Foundation, Ford Foundation, Foundation for a Just Society, The Overbrook Foundation, and Anonymous Donors.

Please see below for a list of TMF grantees: