BLMF Senior Program Associate Jardyn Lake is pictured gazing into the camera. They have braids flowing down the right side of their face and shoulder. They're wearing a green cap, glasses, and white top. They stand in front of a white wall.

The Black-Led Movement Fund is thrilled to share that we’ve welcomed a new member to our team: Jardyn Lake ( they/them) who will serve as the fund’s Senior Program Associate. 

Jardyn is invested resouring Black, Southern, queer/tgnc folks and is looking forward to engaging with Black organizers who are doing the incredible work of building towards Black liberation. 

We spent some time learning about what brought Jardyn to the Black-Led Movement Fund, and the principles that guide their work. Learn more about Jardyn below!

Where do you come from? (place of origin or growth, racial and/or ethnic identification etc.) born in Jacksonville, Florida (deeply identify w/ my Southern roots), my maternal family is from Georgia

Does your identity or background inform and influence your work? If so, please feel free to share how/why. Within the field of philanthropy, as a queer/non-binary, Black person from the South, I feel deeply driven to ensure my communities are able to be resourced. Personally, my identities shape how I build relationships–I find connection through storytelling and really taking time with folks. 

What do you like to do for fun? I’m a percussionist, so music takes up a lot of space in my creative world. I also love to make playlists, and want to dedicate more time writing. An equally big love of mine is traveling. I’ve lived in London, made several trips to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Brazil; I spent time in South Africa and visited several countries in Europe. 

What brings you to Borealis Philanthropy? The deep desire to make sure Black, Southern, queer/tgnc folks are being resourced. I’m also excited about the growth and expansion I get to experience working collaboratively with such a dynamic team at BLMF. 

What excites you about being part of the BLMF team? I already feel this and know that I will grow so much under the leadership of Ashley and Julia. I feel so empowered by the level of trust that exists between us, collaborating in a space that is joyful, but also rigorous, and values my whole self means the world to me. I’m super excited about having the opportunity to engage with Black organizers and doing the incredible work of building towards Black liberation.