On Wednesday, January 6th, just as many of us began our days recognizing a historic shift in Georgia politics, an election where Black, Latinx, and Asian American organizers and voters sent a clear message regarding the political direction of the state, we also witnessed a white supremacist insurrection that is equal parts appalling and predictable.

As white nationalist rioters stormed the United States Capitol and were met with a meager presence and documented support from law enforcement, we couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if the crowd were Black. But of course, we know the answer. We saw the answer this past summer and every year before when Black organizers were literally beaten to death on camera for simply proclaiming that Black Lives Matter. And to see the flames stoked and casually disregarded by the president and conservative politicians alike is disgusting.

To say that we are enraged, infuriated, and exhausted would be an understatement. And still, we do not bow down in the face of white supremacy. No, white supremacy will never destroy the collective power of communities organizing for safety, healing, and racial equity. If anything, it reminds us of why Borealis Philanthropy exists: to resource grassroots organizers and social justice movements working toward transformative change.

The truth is, despite Wednesday’s violence brought on by white supremacists, our strategies are working, and our movements are winning. We celebrate the incredible success of southern organizers, many of whom are our grantees, who worked tirelessly to expand democracy and defeat age-old tactics of systemic voter suppression in Georgia. Together we are changing the face of this country each and every single day.

As we grapple with the hypocrisy of white supremacy, we also reaffirm our commitment to show up and resource our beloved community of organizers. Together, we will keep challenging our peers in philanthropy to work even harder to recognize and invest in the labor of BIPOC grassroots organizers. And together we will create a world that truly serves us all.

In power,
Borealis Philanthropy