For Grantmakers


Borealis is a full-service philanthropic intermediary. We work with grantmakers to conceive, develop, and implement grantmaking initiatives. We assist grantmakers at each stage of a grant’s lifecycle, including: the conceptualization of new programs, identification of grantees, the making of grants, assessment of grantee progress and impact, and the closing out of grantmaking areas. Although we are grantmaker-focused, Borealis staff also provides a high level of ongoing support and technical assistance to grantees through our various funds and works closely with grantees in the development of grantee-specific services.

Borealis provides the following services to grantmakers:

  • Donor Collaboratives: We help grantmakers develop, create and staff specific donor collaboratives, managing all areas from fundraising, to grantmaking to grantee monitoring and assessment.
  • Capacity Building: Through our donor collaboratives, we provide grantees with coaching, organizational development grants, peer learning and specific training opportunities. Some of our funds also offer leadership development and movement-wide organizational development opportunities.
  • Grantee Assessment: Within our donor collaboratives, we work closely with grantees to develop benchmarks and ensure adequate reporting to help measure collective progress across grantees.
  • Grantee Convenings: With grantee leadership and input, we plan and execute multi-day grantee convenings allowing for networking, peer-learning and skills development. These convenings can be coordinated for the grantees of our donor collaboratives or for other funders that require convening assistance.
  • Funder Research: We assist grantmakers with specific research needs related to new grantmaking areas.
  • Program Conceptualization: We conduct independent analyses to help grantmakers identify the best opportunities for new program areas.
  • Closing Program Areas: We assist grantmakers in closing out grantee programs in an appropriate and responsible manner. We seek to ensure ongoing funding of the program area where appropriate and providing multi-year exit grants, technical support, and capacity-building trainings for grantees, to help them through the transition.

If you are a foundation or a donor interested in discussing potential projects or interested in learning more, please fill out this contact form and our team will get back to you.