For Grantseekers


Similar to other intermediaries, Borealis primarily serves grantmakers, by helping them support groups they cannot support on their own, or providing a suite of services that grantmakers cannot provide directly. (For more information on intermediaries, and their role, please see the “philanthropic intermediaries” section on our FAQs page.)

Once Borealis and its grantmaking partners have identified a funding initiative or collaborative fund, we develop a respective strategy, grantmaking guidelines, and criteria for grantees. Generally, we connect grantmakers to organizations that meet the criteria within each of our respective grantmaking funds.  For examples of current grantee organizations, please review the “grantee” sections of our fund pages.

Borealis recognizes that, as a philanthropic intermediary, we can be viewed by grantseekers as “gatekeepers” to the national funders that support our respective funds.  However, we see ourselves as a “bridge” between funders and grantees and take that responsibility seriously. As such, we seek to connect funders to our grantees directly as much as possible, and hope to create direct funding relationships and remove the intermediary relationship wherever possible.

For more information, please see our FAQs page.