The Transforming Movements Fund (TMF) is excited to announce the fund’s 8 spring 2018 grantees, who will receive a total of $516,000.

Several of the fund’s latest grantees are focused on expanding the reach of reproductive and gender justice work so that all people have the right to bodily autonomy and can live and thrive with dignity.

For example, COLOR (Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights) is working on know your rights programs for immigrant communities as it relates to reproductive health and wellness and SPARK, a reproductive justice organization in Georgia, is centering Black women, cis and trans, and LGBTQ youth through a report they worked on with SisterLove Inc.: “Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Voices.”

“At a time when communities pushed to the margins face intensified threats on many fronts, we need visionary, bold leaders who understand that we can’t respond to problems in isolation from one another,” said Desiree Flores, U.S. Social Justice Program Director at the Arcus Foundation. “Supporting these organizations and leaders and trusting their on-the-ground expertise is the strongest and most authentic way to advance justice for all.”

The TMF is proud to offer leadership development support for 8 trans and cis women of color who are on the leading edge of movements for gender and reproductive justice, immigrant rights, and police accountability.

“This fund has helped me to carve out intentional time and set priorities towards sustainability practices and engaging in trauma release spaces,” said Isa Noyola, Deputy Director at the Transgender Law Center. “The work load and urgency in this political moment has forced me to rethink and strategize my long-term leadership journey in the movement. This fund is critical for me at this moment when my leadership and time is being stretched thin.”

Recognizing that social justice movements increasingly work across issues and identities, the TMF supports young, LGBTQ leaders who are prioritizing inclusivity and embracing intersecting identities. The TMF is a collaborative effort of the Arcus Foundation, Cricket Island Foundation, Ford Foundation, Foundation for a Just Society, The Overbrook Foundation, and Anonymous Donors.

Please see below for a list of TMF grantees:

General operating support grantees:

Young Trans Women of Color Leadership grantees:

For more information about the TMF, please visit the Fund’s page.