By Tracie Powell and Angilee Shah.

Jiquanda Johnson Started Flint Beat in 2017 during the water crisis there that made national headlines. But Flint, Michigan is so much more than a crisis, and the news outlet has grown and is telling stories from the community. And this month, Jiquanda got great news about their weekly newsletter.

“It was the third sale in less than a month and our largest,” Johnson shares about the 2.5 week ad run. “It shows the value of our product.” Spend 5 minutes learning about her big win (and her mom) by clicking the video above.


Here are some of this month’s highlights of successes from the REJ Grantee Cohort:

Photo caption for Breonna Taylor image: “It’s been 6 months since #BreonnaTaylor was killed by police in a ‘no-knock’ raid targeting the WRONG apartment. Medical workers like her save lives every day – but police violence claims Black lives at nearly the same pace. Follow @wearepushblack  to read more about her story.” 

  • Mariah Carey tweeted about PushBlack’s coverage of the police killing of Breonna Taylor. ‘Nough said.
  • The San Francisco Examiner featured the origin story of El Tecolote, which celebrated its 50th year of being California’s longest running bilingual newspaper last month. The volunteer-run bilingual news outlet started out as a journalism course at San Francisco State University in 1970.
  • American Press Institute’s Need to Know newsletter featured Documented’s bilingual investigation of the $20-million New York City COVID-19 Immigrant Emergency Relief Program in its Sept. 8 email. The program, they discovered, turned away the people it set out to assist.
  • The Washington Post published an opinion piece about the unique responsibilities and financial challenges of being a Black media company during the coronavirus pandemic. Historian E. James West says, “Given this continued dependence, it is unsurprising that a number of Black media outlets have moved quickly in response to COVID-19…  Digital Black publications such as The Triibe have responded in kind, challenging racially punitive coverage of pandemic lockdowns and encouraging younger generations of Black Americans to take the virus seriously.”
  • New York Amsterdam News, The Atlanta Voice and The Washington Informer are among Black media outlets have joined Word in Black, a news collaborative that will take a solutions journalism approach to report on racial inequities.


Tracie & Angilee

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