Starting today, the Transforming Movements Fund will now be known as the Emerging LGBTQ Leaders of Color Fund.

We began this fund in 2015 as a collaborative effort with Arcus Foundation, Ford Foundation, and anonymous donors because we saw LGBTQ young people as the vanguards of social justice movements emerging throughout the country. In our first 6 years, TMF successfully identified and provided support to young LGBTQ leaders of color across the country. We believe in our unique model of scaffolding support because we aim to not only fight for causes but to also invest in these young organizers as the leaders we need to steward us into a liberated future.

Transforming movements is still at the heart of our vision, but we needed a way to communicate that vision to all stakeholders, including funders, young LGBTQ leaders of color, and those newly initiated into movement work. By renaming ourselves as the Emerging LGBTQ Leaders of Color Fund, we hope to signal exactly who and what we stand for.

This new name is just that. Our vision is the same: that young LGBTQ leaders of color have the resources they need to implement their innovative organizing strategies and improve conditions for people in their communities.

We look forward to continuing this mission with your support.

Dani Martinez, Program Director
Nichelle Brunner, Senior Program Associate