This week, MacKenzie Scott announced a gift to Borealis Philanthropy in support of our work to resource and strengthen grassroots movements. We are deeply honored to be among the 286 organizations receiving a total of $2,739,000,000. And we are delighted to see so many fellow justice champions, partners, and allies being recognized for their leadership. Thank you, Ms. Scott, for recognizing the incredible vision of our grantees and communities.

“As a former community organizer and grassroots advocacy leader, and now as the head of a social justice intermediary, I know the power of donors willing to make big investments for social change,” shared Borealis Philanthropy President Amoretta Morris.” This gift recognizes that boldly giving to communities is possible, and necessary. On behalf of Borealis staff and board, I am grateful that MacKenzie Scott recognizes Borealis as a home for donors who want to invest in a new future for our movements and our communities.” 

Over the last six years Borealis Philanthropy has provided more than $95 million to social movements and issues, from Black-led movements and criminal justice reform to disability inclusion, transgender justice, and racial equity. Through these diverse and intersecting collaborative funds, we offer funders an opportunity to work together on social justice issues to exponentially increase their impact with knowledge, support, and leadership from Borealis’ staff of experts, most of whom come from the communities we serve.

Action STL
Credit: Action STL

Ms. Scott’s gift differs from much of traditional grantmaking, and aligns with our own grantmaking values of minimizing barriers and maximizing impact through community-led change. Reflecting on the flexibility afforded by her unrestricted giving, MacKenzie said in her announcement, “Because we believe that teams with experience on the front lines of challenges will know best how to put the money to good use, we encouraged them to spend it however they choose.” We could not agree more. With this support, Borealis will be able to do more of what we do: fund powerful leading-edge work that is often under-resourced and under-recognized, including work led by Black, Indigenous, and People of color, transgender and gender non-conforming folks, women, and people with disabilities. Borealis recognizes these community leaders who are closest to social injustice as the essential creative force for change in the world.

We are grateful to be part of this investment in what is possible and look forward to working with more donors who want to invest boldly in this way.