The Transforming Movements Fund (TMF) is proud to announce its December 2017 grantees. The vision of the TMF is to support cross-movement, intersectional organizing led by LGBTQ young people, who are influential leaders on issues including police accountability, reproductive and gender justice, and immigrant rights. Grantees identified expanding access to healthcare and combating the criminalization of immigrant and non-immigrant Black, Latinx, poor, LGBTQ, and other communities of color as priorities in their work.

The TMF operates under the belief that strong, sustainable leadership and organizations are essential to the formation and growth of inclusive and powerful social movements, and provides grantees with support to that end.

“Resources that focus on leadership development and organizational development have been critical for us,” said M. Adams, Co-Executive Director of Freedom, Inc. “Having my leadership invested in has made a difference in the leadership I can provide at Freedom, Inc. Being able to focus on my health has allowed my work to improve. Being able to study these questions of capitalism has allowed me to better teach and share that information back to this organization. The intentional funding from TMF has been so essential.”

TMF grantees received general operating support grants of $75,000, as well as resources for leadership development and organizational development. The grant recipients are:

“Transforming Movement Fund grantees are leading groundbreaking, cross-movement work,” said Luna Yasui, Senior Program Officer for Youth, Opportunity, and Learning at the Ford Foundation. “Breaking down grantmaking silos across issue areas and supporting the sustainable development of organizations and leaders is essential to building power at the grassroots level.”

Established through a partnership between the Ford Foundation, Arcus Foundation, and Anonymous Donors to fill a gap in cross-movement organizing and leadership development for LGBTQ youth, the Fund is now growing.  Last year, new collaborators joined the TMF, which has been an exciting expansion of the Fund. Cricket Island Foundation, Foundation for a Just Society, and Overbrook Foundation will now partner with Anonymous Donors, Arcus Foundation, and Ford Foundation in this grantmaking initiative.

“We are excited to build upon the strong foundation of the TMF by joining as a donor,” said Stephen Foster, President and CEO at The Overbrook Foundation. “Increasing the number of collaborating partners for the fund will allow us to offer greater support for powerful organizing led by visionary LGBTQ young people.”

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