National Trans Visibility March, Washington, DC Photo of crowd by Ted Eytan
Dear FTG friends and family,

The Fund for Trans Generations (FTG) is excited to announce a $2 million donation from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. This is the largest one-time gift FTG has received, and is part of a larger constellation of grants Ms. Scott is providing to foundations and nonprofits driving racial, gender, and social justice.

At a time when trans communities are fighting for our survival and liberation, the additional support in this moment for this movement could not be more important. Thank you, MacKenzie, for investing in the equitable future our grantees are fighting for.

The $2 million gift will be granted over three years, and will allow the Fund for Trans Generations to continue supporting trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people, especially Black trans women and femmes, working to ensure the safety, security, and self determination of trans people. “This gift means additional multiyear, general operating support and capacity building for our grantees,” shared Ryan Li Dahlstrom, FTG Senior Program Officer. “There is so much power building happening in our movements right now. Support like this means we have more dollars to put toward funding at the intersections and really being there for the long haul as our grantees fight for freedom for everyone.”

We are thrilled to have MacKenzie Scott join other Fund for Trans Generation donors, including the Arcus Foundation, Laughing Gull Foundation, NoVo Foundation, and Anonymous Donors. As Cindy Rizzo, Vice President, Social Justice Program at the Arcus Foundation reflected, “When we partnered with other funders and Borealis Philanthropy to establish FTG, our shared vision was that the Fund would, over time, attract significant support from donors interested in funding trans-led work. We’re excited to see new supporters investing in this critically important work and are especially excited by the possibilities that MacKenzie Scott’s generous gift can create for the growing trans movement in the U.S. and beyond.”

We’ll leave you with an invitation MacKenzie shared in her powerful announcement, published July 28: “I recommend these organizations to anyone similarly excited by the idea of empowering leaders well-positioned to accelerate progress. Every one of them is tackling complex challenges that will require sustained effort over many years, while simultaneously addressing consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. And every one of them would benefit from more allies looking to share wealth of all types and sizes, including money, volunteer time, supplies, advocacy, publicity, networks and relationships, collaboration, encouragement, and trust.”

If you are interested in joining the donor table at the Fund for Trans Generations, please get in touch.