Photo Credit: Bethanie Hines.

The Racial Equity in Journalism (REJ) Fund remains steadfast in its commitment to resourcing the BIPOC journalism ecosystem, and, in October, awarded $5.42 million in grants to 58 news organizations serving communities of color across the country.

Since founding the first Black-owned newspaper in the United States, journalism led by and serving Black, Indigenous, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latine communities has existed to ensure that communities across the country and the world receive accurate, holistic, dynamic stories, information, and insight. These organizations exist as creative, innovative alternatives to a mainstream status quo that, for too long, has muted, distorted, and ignored the stories, information needs, and economic needs of Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

This misrepresentation and erasure have helped make space for the legacy of oppression and harm against our communities.

The REJ Fund’s grantmaking aims to ensure Black, Indigenous, Latine, Middle Eastern, and Asian people have the news and information they need to navigate today’s geographies and social systems.  Robust BIPOC-led and serving journalism better ensures that everyone outside those communities is also accurately informed. This year’s grantee cohort serves traditionally underserved audiences and represents a wide range of geographic areas throughout the country. We cannot wait to see their work unfold.

Photo Credit: Bethanie Hines.

The REJ Fund grantees leading this work are:

Please join us in congratulating this incredible cohort! To learn more about REJ and how to support this critical work please contact