Communities Transforming Policing Fund


The mission of the Communities Transforming Policing Fund (CTPF) is to support promising police reform advocacy in local jurisdictions in the United States. The Fund was created in consultation with police reform advocates engaged in efforts to ensure law enforcement practices do not disproportionality target communities of color, LGBTQ people, people who are homeless, people with mental illnesses, and other vulnerable community members.

The CTPF will build and strengthen the capacity of organizations to transform the way law enforcement agencies engage with local communities. The Fund will provide grants, technical assistance, organizational capacity-building, networking and leadership development opportunities to its grantees. In doing so, the Fund will bolster grassroots organizing efforts to eliminate biased-based and discriminatory policing and ensure law enforcement is transparent and accountable to the communities they serve.

The CTPF is a collaborative effort of the Open Society Foundations, the Ford Foundation, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

Grantmaking Model

The CTPF provides resources in three areas: project support grants to further specific police accountability initiatives,  organizational development grants to strengthen the infrastructure of the organizations and networks we support, and rapid response fund to help police reform advocacy groups meet unexpected and urgent needs.

Funding Priorities

Advocates across the country have articulated a desire to advance transformational police reform practices that hold law enforcement accountable to the communities they serve. As such, the CTPF and its donors emphasize advocacy efforts that seek to: hold law enforcement accountable to fundamental civil and human rights; transform the way government invests resources in public safety to take into account community-centered priorities; and involve community members in problem solving efforts with law enforcement in an effort to transform and improve policing practices.

See our grantees page for further examples of organizations supported by this fund.

The CTPF does not currently accept unsolicited requests for support.

Supporting the Communities Transforming Policing Fund

If you are a foundation or a donor interested in learning about how you can make a contribution to the CPTF or become a partner in the fund, please fill out this contact form and our team will get back to you. If you are an individual seeking to support this important work, we encourage you to consider donating directly to one or more of our grantees.